Lotto-Experte 6aus49  Set for Life Australia


Hoffmann's Lotto-Experte 8/37 - Set of Life - Australia
for Android / iOS (in Kürze)

Version für Android Windows Versionen

Simple Tips evaluation, statistics and calculation with different parameter ... you optimize up to 96 Tip and evaluate them with one click. Already at the start of the current numbers are loaded so that it can take sometimes a bit longer. The license from the  Lotto-Experte 8of37 is valid for both the Windows and the Android version. You can use Lotto-Experte free with 4 tips for test!   Please activate for installation in Android "Settings => Security => unknown manufacturer". Do the APP not start, please enable also Settings=> "Apps compatibility" => "Enable native bridge"

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  There are different analysis: cross sums, outstanding number drawn, many st







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